C3F Youth

Every week during the school term young people from the community gather together to have fun and create new friendships at Fusion Youth.


Fusion Boys is a high energy, adrenaline pumping program designed just for boys with events such as skating, basketball comps to movie making.  

Girl Lounge is a program designed especially for girls with events such as hippie picnics, makeovers to kayaking.

Combined Nites is where the boys and girls come together and participate in combined events such as tribal wars, 

amazing races and out nights such as movies, dinner or the beach.

Encore is a large combined youth group running event every term with other C3 youth groups from around the City. 



Meet at C3 Church Fremantle, 230 Hampton Road South Fremantle


High School Age (Year 7 – 12)


FREE (Unless otherwise specified)


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